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Voltz tracks the market for the best gas and electricity deals and alerts you to switch with a couple of taps on your mobile

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Voltz is an impartial energy saving genie in your phone

It is designed for the 80% of households in the UK who overpay for energy and do not have the time or the inclination to visit a comparison site. Having signed up you need never worry about overpaying for energy again!

Voltz continually tracks the energy deals on the market from the “big 6” energy providers (like British Gas, EDF etc) and the complete range of smaller providers

Voltz alerts you when it’s time to switch to a better deal. It will also tell you if you are still on the best value deal and there is no need to switch.

Voltz enables you to switch with a few simple taps on your mobile. So you can switch when you’re on the bus, in a meeting, on the beach...

1Super easy registration

To get started you enter a few simple details about your home and energy supply. This should take no longer than 3-4 minutes and all the info you need should be in your head - so hopefully no need to look anything up!

y o u r   a d d r e s s
y o u r   s u p p l i e r
y o u r   u s a g e
2Chose the best deal

After you register we can immediately show you the best deal and how much you can save. If you like the look of it, you can switch straight away.

1cheapest 2cheaper 3cheap
3Your first switch

As this is your first switch with Voltz you will need to enter a few more details (e.g. your name and payment details). And then you can authorise the switch with a couple of taps and we will do the rest. We will confirm the switch (via email or text) and so too will your new energy provider.

1Best deal
4Alerts and future switches

We will alert you every three months to inform you whether you are still on the best deal or whether you could switch and save again. You can authorise your next switch with a couple of taps of your mobile.

Time to switch!


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Voltz is brought to you by Simplifydigital Web Services (SDWS) one of Europe’s fastest growing companies and proudly owned by the DixonsCarphone Group. We have started with energy switching, but why stop there? One day you might switch and save through a much wider range of services on Voltz.

Are you a supplier looking to get listed on Voltz? Send an email to Florian Ritzmann (Florian.Ritzmann@dixonscarphone.com).

Are you a partner looking to introduce customers to Voltz? Please drop Louise Bowdler a line (Louise.Bowdler@dixonscarphone.com)

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